Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Enterprise Mobility Suite instruction video's

Hi All,

it has been a little while since my last post. This time I want to share my experience of a project I worked on recently.
For a large IT distributor a couple of my colleagues and me have been working the past months on getting the EMS suite on track. As many as 14 countries around Europe needed to get the knowledge and tools, both in a Business and Technical perspective, on how EMS works and how to go to market with it to benefit for their partners and resellers.
My job was to provide technical skills on how to deploy and configure the various components of EMS being
  • Azure AD Premium
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Azure Rights Management Services
  • Advanced Threat Analytics
The main focus was on the first three components being completely Online Services where as Advanced Threat Analytics is an on-premises solution for identifying and reporting known malicious attacks, security issues, and risks.

The way we shared the knowledge and insights to both the distributor and the resellers was to do lots of sessions on EMS, attending and presenting on different events, organizing webinars and creating technical how-to video's to easily show how to configure certain solutions and both seeing it from an IT admin and End user perspective. This way the product came to life and made sense to both the decision makers as well as the technical people.
Of course there is already lots of material on EMS in forms of video's and slide decks, but our goal was to make it more personal and approach it from the distributors point of view. So we made our own content and shared it with the intended people which they could make a head start with.

Hopefully these technical how-to video's can be beneficial to you too, so I'm happy I can share them with you.

Azure Active Directory Premium:
Microsoft Intune:
Azure Rights Management Services:

I have learned a lot doing this project and figuring out the basics and essentials of the EMS suite. I'm happy to use and share this knowledge with you and in future projects.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Enterprise Mobility Suite discovered

Not a technical blog this time, but an introduction to EMS.

For a current project I dived diving into EMS. Digging into the background, finding and showing added values to businesses in all sorts of disciplines. What makes EMS a strong competitor compared to other Mobile solutions is that it integrates multiple management and security solutions into one suite. Combining these EMS products together creates a unique opportunity for business to manage identity, mobility, security and analysis from a single solution.
Recently I did a demo on all the products to show from a users perspective what it can offer and what it means to their end customers.

Microsoft EMS is recently extended with a new on-premises solution called Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA). Which makes the fourth pillar next to Azure AD Premium, Microsoft Intune and Azure Right Management Services.
Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) provides a simple and fast way to understand what is happening within your network by identifying suspicious user and device activity.
ATA leverages deep packet inspection technology, as well as information from additional data sources (Security Information and Event Management and Active Directory) to detect advanced attacks in near real time in your on-premises or hybrid environment.
I hear you thinking, what is an on-premises solution like that doing between these cloud products? As far as the perimeter is protected by means of a firewall, many companies expect to be safe because malicious attacks are kept outside, but (and this is not new) also trusted people and devices enter the network on the other side of the perimeter, bringing their personal devices and unaware of what's actually installed on it, or might even have exploited on the device. With ATA creating insights into the processes makes the IT department aware of what's actually going on inside the network and have the ability to respond.

Getting better
EMS will get increasingly better when the different management consoles integrate into one dashboard. However finding your way around can take some time, eventually it makes sense, but it is more difficult to sell.

In coming posts I will get more into the technical side of EMS and provide real life scenarios to make it vivid.